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What are the effects of dust on human health?

1) damage the body's normal defense function. Long-term inhalation of a large number of productive dust, can make the respiratory mucosa, trachea, bronchial cilia epithelial cells damaged, destruction of the respiratory defense function, the accumulation of pneumoconiosis will increase, so the dust workers from the dust after the operation may also Will suffer from pneumoconiosis, but also with the course of time to deepen.
2) can cause lung disease. Long-term large number of inhalation of dust, so that the occurrence of diffuse lung tissue, progressive fibrous tissue hyperplasia, causing pneumoconiosis, resulting in severe respiratory damage caused by the decline in labor capacity or loss. Silicosis is the most serious fibrosis, the fastest progress, the greatest harm to the pneumoconiosis.
3) cancer. Some dust is carcinogenic, such as asbestos is the world recognized human carcinogenic substances, asbestos dust can cause mesothelioma, can significantly increase the incidence of lung cancer.