Machining Mist Collecting System at Ford Transmission I

Product:              Oil Mist Collecting System
Model:                 HOMS1-0.5/1-1.0
Separator Number:     8 PCS
Application:            Gear Machining Process
Air Flow:              2500-7000m³/h
Customer:             Ford Transmission phase I-Chongqing

The first transmission plant of Changan Ford Company was founded in Chongqing in 2013. A large amount of mist is produced when Grinders and honing machines operate, which are wildly used in gear machining progress. The mist is a carcinogen, has great harm to the workers’ health. As a professional manufacturer of mist industry, Henteen received the invitation of central mist separating system of gear machining area from ford company. 

After communication, we got the basic information: the number of machines and the airflow of each machine, and a layout was provided. We divided the machines into 7 different system according to the layout and the media: emulsion and oil. 

Machines and separators were connected by Carbon steel pipes, which had great strength and tightness. Gas was suctioned into the separator through the pipes, and out of the workshop after filtering. To get the airflow we needed, we used top-mount fans after calculating. Silencers were equipped at the export of the fan to ensure the noise less than 77db.

To ensure the suction effect, we designed the pipeline according to the standard: a speed of 8-10m/s in the branch pipe and 15-16m/s in the main pipe.

After installation and debugging, we measured the speed of each machine through a reserved hole in the branch pipe. If the result deviate, we can adjust the manual valve to correct.

Automation is another feature of Henteen mist collecting system. Customer just need press the “START” button to run the separator and stop it with the “STOP” button. All the components work under the direction of the brain of the system: PLC.and we can set the parameters on a 10-inch tough screen.