HCS Cyclone Separator



High Efficiency Cyclones are the most cost effective solution for separating dry particulate
With more than three decades of experience in research, design, and successful commissioning of c yclones, we have the expertise to select the appropriate design to meet the most demanding needs of any application in the industry. Henteen APC Cyclones feature robust construction for long term, trouble free service. Careful design results in high efficiency at low pressure drop to keep operating costs low.
• Low initial cost
• Low operating expenses
• No moving internal parts
• Minimal space requirements
We can also custom design the following enhancements as required:
• Internal surface finishes to minimize abrasion, buildup caused by sticky particulate
• Ease of access
• Body flanges
• Wear liners, fixed or removable
• Refractory lining for wear or high temperatures
• ASME coded construction
• Stainless steel or more exotic alloy construction