Automotive industry

The automotive industry is one of the largest and most important economic sectors worldwide.
Today’s demands in the automotive industry are much greater than ever before. For example, vehicles are graded on stricter and more precise parameters, from weight to safety to durability. In addition automotive manufacturers and suppliers have to respond to greater demands within their production facilities, to provide a safer, healthier and more environmentally-friendly workplace.
Regulations are not the only reason for automotive manufacturers and suppliers to take steps to improve the production environment’s health and safety.

Other reasons are:
■ Improved productivity levels.
■ Protection of sensitive production equipment and controls.
■ Reduced facility energy costs and carbon footprint.
■ Reduced overall operational costs.
■ Attracting and retaining highly skilled workers.
■ Reducing employee turnover costs.

In addition to welding and cutting processes, Henteen also offers solutions for machining and tooling processes for shaping, forming, drilling and pressing. Effective capture, filtration and removal of oil mist is important to ensure a safe and healthy working environment and to extend the lifespan of your machinery and tools.

Many suppliers and subcontractors in the automotive industry manufacture parts and components (e.g. motor, chassis, body, frame, drive train, suspension or seats), using metalworking fluid (MWF). MWF can be used to cool down a metal workplace, the machinery and/or tool itself. MWF can also be used as a lubricant to guarantee a smooth working process by reducing the friction between metal and tool. MWF can cause oil mist, fumes, smoke, fog, steam, gas, droplets or aerosols, depending on the production process.

Henteen offers a modular filter range to reduce the background concentration of oil mist efficiently, whether you use a closed, half open or open CNC machine. We offer single filter units and extensive filter banks depending on the required capacity. The Mist Eliminator has been developed especially to capture and remove oily mist, fumes and any other possible contaminants generated by machining and tooling processes within your automotive plant.