Henteen offers the know-how gathered practical experience. In the course of these years we have installed plants for air pollution control for different applications in nearly all industrial fields all over the world. All plants are
characterised by

- the reliable observance of the corresponding requested emission limit values, i. e. for particulate, acid crude gases such as HF, HCl and SOX, dioxins / furans as well as heavy metals such as Hg and Hg-compounds
- a reliable continuous operation at lower maintenance
- low operating costs

Below please find, as representatives for a large number of installed projects, some references for the fields of application

- Sinter strand
- Room de-dusting
- Casting bay
- Burdening
- Desulphurisation
- Electric arc furnace
- Flame cutting plant
- Coal milling plant
- Emergency collecting pit
- Iron ore processing

Reduction of operating costs, meeting environmental requirements and worker safety are primary objectives for both integrated and mini mills. As the industry continues to face reductions in PM and potential future mercury regulations, we continue to focus on new product development to assist you in meeting these key drivers.
Henteen filters in furnace applications and Henteen filter elements for material handling systems provide energy reduction and long-term life cycles while delivering environmental and OSHA requirements.
We understand these processes and continue to develop products and in-house expertise for future requirements that the steel mills will face.