Machining Dust Collecting System at Ford Engine II

Product:               Mist Collecting System
Model:                  HSP-U182
Application:            Cutting Machine in crank-shift line
Air Flow:              13530m³/h
Customer:             Ford Engine II-Chongqing
Date of Installation:   2014
Ford Engine plant was built in Chongqing with the annual output of 800000 engines.
Seven cutting machines in each crank-shift line use dry process, smoke and dust emission from the top of the machine.

We get the information of the machines from Ford company, such as the volume of processing space. Due to the information, we calculate the airflow of each machine according to our experiences.
One best dust collector model HSP-U182 was installed in 2012. It is sized for capabilities of 13530CMH at 1.0m/min (A/C rate), A 22kw motor fan and uses 26 filter  with a high efficiency media.
In order to ensure enough suction effect and avoid blockage in the duck-work, suction speed in the pipe is 18-22m/s. The pipe is made of carbon steel, sealed with rubber material.
The units have been working reliable .“Henteen filters have good performance in our plant, reliable and easy to operate ”, Mr Guan said, Engineering manger of Ford company.