Welding Fumes at Cosma Shenyang

High Effective Dust Collector In Magna Workshop
Product: Fume and Dust Collector 
MMoodel: HVCD -48
Application: Welding Fumes and Dus
Air Flow :45,000m3/h
Customer:Magna -Shengyang 
Date of Installation:October 2015

Client Profile
Magna International headquarters is located in Ontario, Canada, the world's third largest car parts suppliers

Per client decided to invest in a new extraction system to control welding fume and contacted Henteen APC in China .
A design with a central dust collector, ductwork system and flexible extraction arms was presented to Magna.
They were impressed with the proposal and the high quality of the cartridge collector and placed an order with us.
The final design incorporates a HVCD-48 dust collector, complete with a side mounted fan, that is controlled by avariable speed drive and pressure sensors in the ductwork system.
This makes the system fully automatic in operation and running cost saving.

High Effective Dust Collector In Magna Workshop

“Our situation was unique because our location was long and narrow,” Frank Xu mentioned.
Working with Henteen APC, Glacier Technology, and Mississippi Welders Supply, Magna decided that
an ambient system would be the best solution.
One best dust collector model HVCD-48 was installed in October of 2015.
It is sized for capabilities of 45000CMH at 0.56m/min (A/C rate), A 45kw motor fan and uses 48 filter cartridges with a high effi ciency fire-retardant media.
A Clean Sweep vacuum attachment was also installed for easy cleanup after dumping the collection drum.
The system offers a good combination of price, ease of maintenance and use, high effi ciency, and long fi lter life. It’s also fl exible and easy to adjust if the shop layout changes.
Frank Xu further described their installation, “To cover the entire area, we had to put curtains around it. We also had to duct around the department, so not only do we have an intake duct around the fi lter, we had to duct some of the air back in to create a cross fl ow effect to push some of the air back toward the collector.”
Clinet enjoyed noticeable improvements right away.
The unit has been working reliably ever since, used continuously during multiple shifts. Energy savings is an added benefi t, frank detailed. “By fi ltering the air and putting it back into the plant, in the wintertime… we’re keeping the heat in the building.”